Abandoned Buildings Comic


All main characters are actual abandoned buildings in the Twin Cities area. Some guest stars include active buildings, non-local buildings, and other items of infrastructure like storm drains or bridges.

Updated! Since I can’t be bothered to actually draw comics!

Pig Nut Mill and nearby Kurth are a great places to store valuable things, or at least local vehicle owners think so. Just look how secure and legit these buildings are!

Landmark/Schmidt’s is a brewery with an identity crisis.

Tim Curry is a recurring character (at least until we get sued). No one knows why he keeps showing up in the comics.

Another lawsuit waiting to happen, and a frequent suspect in vandalism of local walls.

Hamm’s Brewery is constantly being whored out by the city as a great place for everything from a community center to a fish farm.

Neighboring mills Pillsbury and Gold Medal Flour like to complain about Urban Explorers

A local greasy breakfast restaurant who gets the short end of the stick.

The U of M’s Coffman Union, a scheming, corrupt politician.

Bunge (or Bungf, depending on which side you read) is a sexually-frustrated grain elevator.

A relative youngster, the U of M stadium is not actually abandoned, but is just as useless.

Despite being demolished, Scooterville occasionally appears as some kind of ghost.

The Electric Steel Elevator may or may not be a Mafia hitman, we ain’t sayin’.

The Purina factory is known for being a bit of a cat collector.

The littlest mill in the Hiawatha corridor. Possibly the offspring of Purina.

“United Crushers” goes by an assumed name and has an intense dislike for the UER chair-shotput team.

Bureau of Mines is an art snob who appreciates good graffiti, but is sick of giant day-glo genitals.

Blue Mill is a bit of a jerk.

Old, rusty, and threatened by everything, Island Station used to be a haven for hippies, but has suffered from inept redevelopment attempts.


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