Abandoned Buildings Comic


About the comic:

Updated: who knows… this is an experiment and I’m too ADD to stick with most projects very long.

What can I say, I suck at drawing anything organic, but I’m fairly good at sketching buildings. I’m pretty lazy too. Thus all my characters are also the background! Add some really horrible coloration, some half-assed photoshop skills, and suddenly it’s a comic! I might even try to have punchlines occasionally! For now I’m trying to have at least half-decent strips, but If I get extra lazy it may slide into blurry scans of hastily scrawled comics on bar napkins, sewage-stained notebooks, or the backs of dirty magazines found in abandoned factory lockers.

About the Author:

I’m an Urban Explorer from the Twin Cities. I have a website with pictures of abandoned buildings and tunnels and stuff located at http://drainfreak.com/twincities.  As mentioned, I’m pretty lazy and ADD, so it never gets updated. Half the stuff on it is probably completely fictional and/or imaginary.


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