Abandoned Buildings Comic

May 22, 2010

More excuses

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I actually have a comic sketched and inked, but my scanner refuses to work with Windows. It worked just fine with Linux in prior weeks, making it about the only piece of hardware in the world to actually work with Linux. I either need to fix the driver issue or dig out my Ubuntu laptop just to get this into the computer… then I still have to color it and add text, so I’m shooting for next Friday.


May 14, 2010


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No comic this week because I am lame.

May 8, 2010


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In some of these I just have to wonder what the owner/user/visitor/cops/etc were thinking. Fortunately I can just put those theoretical words into the “mouth” of an inanimate object.

Oh noes, I’ve just run out of my backlog of pre-drawn comics. Better get to work or it’ll be filler again next week 😛

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