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February 25, 2010

No update this week

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I am lazy and busy this week, so no update. Instead here’s a sketch of a limestone mine I explored a while ago, I started to map it out, then gave up for reasons noted on the map…  Ooh, my first filler week, getting closer to being a real webcartoonist….

I have TONS of sketch maps and notes in little pocket notebooks, and I have a whole shoebox full of notebooks… someday maybe I’ll donate the whole thing to the history center or map library and drive some poor interns crazy trying to catalog them!

Comic next Friday, hopefully!


February 20, 2010


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Screw thumbnails. Even I’m too lazy to click on them. If you’re browsing from a phone or still live in 1995 with a low-res screen and can’t see the whole image, click on it.

February 13, 2010


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For those of you not in the Twin Cities, the Purina mill is known for being infested with stray cats (they’re cute!)

From now on I’m going to try to update every Friday, probably afternoon-evening-ish.We’ll see if that actually happens…

February 6, 2010


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Ah, everyone’s favorite UE pastime! All websites depicted here are entirely fictional and/or portrayed by paid actors. Any resemblance to any actual website living or dead is entirely coincidental 😉

Hmm, I also just noticed that I used an older email address on this one. It still gets checked, but mostly to delete the spam.

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